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Mobile ANPR Vehicle

ANPR mobile van solution

As expected the launch of our mobile ANPR fleet has been a huge success.

  • Unlike fixed ANPR there is no cost
  • Free demo vehicle brought to you
  • Efficient overstay (maximum stay) management for both temporary and permanent facilities
  • ANPR cover for events
  • Flexibility to cover multiple entry/exit points
  • Opportunity to cover multiple sites with one vehicle
  • Increased security presence
  • Increased volumetric flow
  • No cost to landowner or managing agent

Self Ticketing Solution

ANPR mobile van solution

Complete control stays with you the landowner or managing agent.

  • Ideal for small sites
  • You take photos
  • You write and upload ticket pictures YOUR JOB DONE WE DO THE REST
  • Cashback on paid tickets